Synchronise is an online time and attendance system that provides easy and intuitive time capturing methods and allows easy work flow approval of the accurate information.

For businesses that need to comply with Award obligations the process of capturing and interpreting employees work time can be difficult, complex and time consuming. Synchronise is a reliable, efficient and fully integrates with our Aussiepay payroll outsourcing service. Our time and attendance application is a web based solution available anywhere, anytime.

Synchronise can record the start and finish times of your employees and interpret the hours, overtime and penalties based on your Modern Award and EBA obligations. 

The bottom line for you is you eliminate risk, save time and deliver a more cost effective outcome that is both robust and scalable. With seamless integration to Payroll, Synchronise makes employee payments a breeze.


  • Timesheets for employees
  • Workflow for approvals
  • Timesheet to Payroll integration
  • Work Rules Engine for interpretation
  • Fully compliant platform with full intergration capabilities to AussiepayeCorporate and EquipHR


Tailored and Accurate

Our intuitive time capturing methods and easy to configure timesheets reduce manual data entry, leading to high levels of accuracy and employee tracking. The process of approving timesheets is streamlined using our cloud based solution and can be designed to suit your organisations’ workflow. Additionally, tasks and time can be allocated to department/cost centre/project, depending on your requirements.

Access instant web technology

As a cloud based solution, Synchronise allows you and your employee’s 24/7 access; anytime and anywhere. This flexibility and transparency allows unrestricted access to check your employees’ movements, approve timesheets and job costing, whilst remaining mobile. Additionally, your employees are empowered to manage their timesheets online, removing paper trails and associated risks.


Complicated management of paper timesheets and data entry are replaced with simple, automated work rules, to assist with accuracy and the complex and manual interpretation of awards. Synchronise provides the ability to configure and set reminders and notifications to keep you informed of each step in the process, and flag any roadblocks.


Synchronise is seamlessly integrated with our Aussiepay payroll solution to make employee payment easy. Captured time and attendance data is interpreted by sophisticated work rules into awards or EBAs, and then automatically submitted for processing before being returned to you for verification.

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How the Federal Budget affects your business – an employee management perspective

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Online Time & Attendance tools and Award Interpretation Engine.


Yes. Synchronise can intergrate with both Aussiepay and eCorporate payroll solutions.

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