What is an Integrated Solution?

Integrated Solutions explained

An integrated solution is a customised collaboration utilising the aspects of outsourcing and cloud based technology that works best for your organisation.

A fully managed outsource solution is transferring the responsibility of all elements of your payroll to an external provider. In addition to straight payroll, our services include human resource management, award interpretation and time management tools, to remove the complex administrative tasks from your line managers. Our solution is Aussiepay.

Cloud services are an easy online employee management solution that gives your business full control over your payroll and employees. It has fully integrated employee self service functionality, leave and expense management, while automatically taking care of your employees’ payments, PAYG, Superannuation and Payroll Tax Compliance. Being cloud based, our software remains continually compliant and version control issues are avoided.

Why Integrated Solutions?

Our integrated solution is any combination of these services, smoothly implemented into your organisation, whilst providing genuine return on investment. We can configure your solution to vary between departments or levels of employees, to match your preferences and business approach. Specifically, this may include fully outsourcing some of your business units/staff, whilst simultaneously using our cloud based platforms for other business units/levels of staff.

Payroll mistakes and non-compliance risks are mitigated as your dedicated payroll consultant understands all specific legal requirements involved. Our technology enables self service where employees are empowered to amend their personal details, apply for leave, file expense forms and print their own payslips.

We guarantee our solutions are fully compliant and keep you informed of legislative changes. We maintain transparency with your data accessible from any location, at any time, through our secure online environment.

How it works

This depends on your tailored solution.

Outsourcing with our Aussiepay solution:
You submit your data in a provided template for processing. This is returned for verification. Once confirmed, management reports and data files are sent to you for your records and your employees are paid. You have access to our team of payroll experts via phone or email if you need us.

Cloud with our eCorporate solution:
We provide you with access to our secure online application. An ongoing subscription fee is charged depending on your usage and features required. You maintain complete control of your data and how you use the service. We are available to assist you with all aspects of the set up and implementation process.

Why choose us?

As the largest Australian based and privately owned payroll service provider, we deliver a dedicated payroll consultant to manage your payroll, understanding your specific requirements.

We give you the ease and flexibility of managing your employees from any location, empowering you and your line managers to take control regardless of how your organisation is distributed across the globe. We understand how important it is that your data remains safe, so we keep it within Australia in a high performance, highly secure data centre with redundancy and backup systems in place.

Our cloud solutions give you complete control of your data, but you get the benefit of us updating your software in line with legal requirements as they occur, for example, updates to tax and super rates are completed by us.

Tools & Information

Case Study (211 KB)

The payroll provider we were using was not satisfying our needs.

Employee Engagement (358 KB)

The unrecognised and untapped solution to increasing Australia’s GDP could be right under our noses.

Federal Budget (382 KB)

How the Federal Budget affects your business – an employee management perspective

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"Here are the top 10 reasons why you should outsource your payroll together with what you can expect to achieve having chosen us."

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Abinesh Ram CFO

"Putting my hand to my heart I would say Aussiepay to this day has provided an exceptional support in ensuring that the outsourced functionality is correctly and appropriately taken off Baldwin Care Group and without hindering the employees who are critical to the business, as a CFO I’m really happy and delighted that I have been able to partner myself with Aussiepay."

Evi Giameos General Manager – Information & Projects

"There’s no way in the world that we would ever think about bring payroll in-house, we are extremely happy with the service that Aussiepay provides us they’re constantly in contact with us and we wouldn’t look at choosing anyone else."