ePayroll is an easy online payroll platform that enables you to pay your employees.

You can enter your staff details, hours and pay codes into a compliant online platform. It has fully integrated employee self service, leave and expense management.

ePayroll automatically calculates the pay, tax and fulfilment amounts together with PAYG and Payroll Tax Compliance.


  • Payroll
  • Employee records
  • Reports
  • Online leave
  • Online expense
  • PAYG Payments
  • Payroll Tax Payments
  • Employee self service
  • Year End Reporting


Saves you time to focus on your core business

Your business can use our coherent compliant payroll platform to run your payroll functions, knowing they are using the latest technology to directly do what they need to achieve.

Operate on a compliant platform that conforms with Australian regulations

You can be confident knowing that when you choose us, we are responsible for providing software with all the current formulas correctly loaded ready for your business to carry out calculations, functioning completely in accordance with current legislation.

Support team and training facilities

At ePayroll, our support and training will assist your business to operate as smoothly as possible. They will benefit from using a system that is used by hundreds of other businesses just like yours, hundreds that are smaller, hundreds that are larger and then the same number again that are just starting out. Our software works, our people know how to use it.

ePayroll can take care of third party fulfilments payments/remittance such as PAYG tax and Payroll Tax payments

Easily use our intuitive platform to carry out the related employee management tasks that arise from them running your payroll. We will provide coherent tools that help them take the necessary actions, more simply than their current methods.

All data online where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Access all the key data from anywhere they are connected on a device of their choice, knowing that our systems are responsive and will enhance their view of our system.

Full transparency and accurate reporting

We take all the mystery out of calculations, reporting, storage of payroll data, employee records, and past pay runs. All are accessible to approved staff, who can do what they need to do, when they need to do it.

Employee and management access to apply for leave, apply for expense, upload documents and check payslips online

The convenience extends beyond you and your management team, opening the door to cloud based technology that facilitates the latest in self service for all team members. Establish and run cloud processes to achieve previously extraneous administrative tasks.

Tools & Information

Case Study (211 KB)

The payroll provider we were using was not satisfying our needs.

Case Study - William Buck (192 KB)

William Buck needed a payroll software that could meet its growth needs.

Employee Engagement (358 KB)

The unrecognised and untapped solution to increasing Australia’s GDP could be right under our noses.

Federal Budget (382 KB)

How the Federal Budget affects your business – an employee management perspective

Product Flyer - ePayroll (585 KB)

Easy online payroll platform that enables you to pay your employees.


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"Integrating Aussiepay into our business has made a significant difference to our financial operations, changing what was a laborious in-house responsibility into a manageable resource." Steve Watson
CMP Medica Australia

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Web Based Leave Management

This will enable your users to view current leave balances, project how much leave they will have at a future date, apply for leave online and for that application to automatically to their supervisor for approval (or to follow escalation rules).

Webinar legislative updates

Existing customers will be sent invitations to attend webinar briefings on upcoming legislative changes. There will be an opportunity to receive a briefing document that you could forward to your staff.

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Abinesh Ram CFO

"Putting my hand to my heart I would say Aussiepay to this day has provided an exceptional support in ensuring that the outsourced functionality is correctly and appropriately taken off Baldwin Care Group and without hindering the employees who are critical to the business, as a CFO I’m really happy and delighted that I have been able to partner myself with Aussiepay."

Evi Giameos General Manager – Information & Projects

"There’s no way in the world that we would ever think about bring payroll in-house, we are extremely happy with the service that Aussiepay provides us they’re constantly in contact with us and we wouldn’t look at choosing anyone else."